Are you a PHP expert?

We are a rock solid team that takes on global PHP challenges!
Are you in?

What do we ask of you?

The name of our team says it all: we program in PHP. In order to bolster our dynamic team, we are open to working with stress-resistant communication experts in the field of PHP with a penchant for challenging jobs. Something for you?

Extensive PHP knowledge
We like to work with programmers having several years of experience in the field of PHP; from customization, legacy to frameworks. If you program for us, we expect you to have more than just knowledge of Wordpress or the ability to safely program in frameworks. You can quickly understand and edit PHP code written by someone else. You can easily build something new, make something that doesn't work (anymore) well or you're able to manage a legacy project.

Being able to work in a hectic environment
Our working environment is hectic. These are projects with a history, at an unknown location where you often have to deal with the customer's web builder. In this environment, you will check and rate the code, come up with 'out of the box' solutions and satisfy the customer.

We ask you to communicate correctly and tactically with the customer. Sometimes you are there on behalf of an intermediary and always on our behalf. Be honest and share the good and bad things. We communicate in Dutch or in English. It is a prerequisite that you have a good command of one of these languages in both verbal and written form.

Work visa and work location
Our projects mainly take place within the European Union. If you are not a European citizen, you need a work permit to work on location. Remote working is also possible. Then you'll be part of our remote team. The world is our playground; we will go anywhere.

We have no staff
The PHP Rapid Response Team employs no staff. We work on several projects simultaneously and assemble the team on the basis of the required expertise. We hire people on a project basis, but we do work with regular people. In order to ensure that everyone is paid fairly and well, we work with Floor Recruitment.

So, are you in?
You make sure that the customer is completely satisfied before you leave.
You are passionate about your profession and your code.
You're there on behalf of our team, so you're professional and neat.
And you're ready to go on an adventure with the team.

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